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About the Band

It all started back in 2007 when Domenic and Charlie met. While ditching class Charlie was introduced to Domenic Bianco. As they sat in a backyard in Petaluma Charlie took notice to the Children of Bodom sweatshirt Domenic was wearing. Being a metalhead himself, Charlie asked Domenic about his interest in metal music and eventually the guitar. Domenic lived a couple houses down and quickly took Charlie to his room, the shred den in his parents garage. It was in these early moments that the fire had been ignited and their friendship was born! Domenic was a singer songwriter who began to make a name for himself through the years. It was in 2015 when the two would move in together and expand far past their guitar playing. The two would pick up and learn new instruments and began writing songs together. Soon after Domenic Bianco and the SoulShake began performing and would eventually record their first album, A Little Peace in the Puzzle, in 2017. After a few unexpected hurdles and a passion to further their dreams Domenic and Charlie were in search for a drummer. Perhaps a drummer with charisma and a kind heart, a potential brother with whom they could spread the message of love through music. They placed an ad on craigslist, not including those terms, nor expecting to find a gem. Their very first reply garnered a response from a man… John Hendricks.He was the gem they were looking for and eventually joined the two on their journey of traveling the world by means of music - always spreading positivity, love, and SoulShakin’vibes. 

Domenic Bianco

As a youngster I always dreamt of playing the piano. It wasn't until I was 16 that I picked up my first instrument... a guitar! My mind was blown! I spent the next two summers learning, clocking as many hours as I could practicing.  At the tail end of that second summer, my love for writing and poetry somehow mustered its way up through the metal shreddery and I found myself singing and writing songs. As they say, the rest is history. I'm a beach bum at heart but work in special education, bringing my music with me to daily lesson plans. 

Charlie Sisemore

I love my bass! When I was 10 years old Santa brought me an electric guitar, but I was never too serious about practicing. Then in 2017, I picked up my first bass, joined the band with my best friend, and have barely put ol’ Jazzper (I named my bass) down since. When I’m not practicing, you can find me reading about quantum physics and other crazy theoretical descriptions of our reality, or painting, because I love making visual ART too!!

John Hendricks

"The man with the Magic hands!" Haha sorry, no one actually calls me that, So... I'm John Hendricks! I been slappin the skins, blastin the horn, and strummin the strings for over 10 years. I joined Domenic Bianco and The SoulShake as their Drummer and Handyman in late 2017. Offstage I work in the high pace environment of Real Estate. Keeping up with the hustle I make sure to enjoy the simpler things in life such as perfecting my Banana Gram skills and delving deeply into philosophical conversations.